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“This is Life with Lisa Ling,” CNN

Models hired as ‘eye candy’ for parties

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Apparently men will pay a lot to be surrounded by beautiful women.

Pacific Standard

What Is the Worst Thing You've Ever Made?

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But the biggest shock I found was how hard we all had to work to get one usable photo. Modeling is a job, and a very athletic job at that.


What Happens To Some Kids When They Go To Work In This Famous Industry Is Awful

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The global clothing and textiles industry now generates upwards of 2.5 trillion dollars a year. It remains largely unregulated. 54 percent of models begin working on or before the age of 16. Agencies start recruiting at age 13. Many of the pictures in your favorite fashion magazines are little girls dressed up to look like women.

Big Think

Jennifer Sky on Regulating the Modeling Industry

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I'm going to begin by asking a question that I ask myself every day, which is how does Terry Richardson still have a job? At this point so many young models have come forward talking about how he's sexually harassed them that it no longer seems to be in doubt. If those allegations were made about anyone in any other field, they'd at least have difficulties finding employment. But not Terry. What is the psychology behind that? Are people in the fashion industry supposed to be so sexy and cool that they're never bothered by, say, blatant sexual harassment?

ET News

Former Teen Model Recalls Abuse, Says She Has PTSD

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Many young women aspire to one day take a turn on the fashionable catwalks of New York, Milan and Paris, but former teen model Jennifer Sky tells ET her dream-come-true very quickly turned into her worst nightmare.

"I felt like I was treated like a piece of meat," says Sky, now 36, of her short-lived career in the industry.

Interview Magazine

Jennifer Sky's Tokyo Story

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They dress up little girls to look like women, and that gives women the image they have to compete with the rest of their lives. The ultimate problem is this a child-labor issue. These are kids being made to do things that children shouldn't experience yet.


I Am Jennifer Sky, former model. Modeling is an industry that resembles human trafficking. AMA!

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This past fall, New York State passed the Child Model Law, granting protections for minors working as models in the fashion industry—protections such as school-night curfews and on-set hour limits, chaperones, tutors and mandatory financial trusts. As someone who was abused as a child model, I would like to see these protections ratified across the globe.


Actress Jennifer Sky Tackles The Modeling Industry’s Darkest Secrets In "Queen Of The Tokyo Ballroom"

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I have so many models contact me all the time, saying they wish they could talk about it. But anyone who’s getting their income from the industry, and is still within the industry, is terrified. People at Condé Nast can’t write about any of this. I’ve spoken with some of the biggest journalists in the industry. They’re interested in this story, and they want to write big, huge features about it. But they can’t. Because Anna Wintour runs Condé Nast.

Entertainment Tonight

Former Teen Model Recalls Abuse, Says She Has PTSD

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Many young women aspire to one day take a turn on the fashionable catwalks of New York, Milan and Paris, but former teen model Jennifer Sky tells ET her dream-come-true very quickly turned into her worst nightmare.

BUST Magazine

Jennifer Sky On The Horrors Of Modeling And The Triumphs Of Acting

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To be able to be a woman and kick butt on a national show makes you a role model to all young women.


Former Xena Actress Thinks Modeling is Worse Than Acting

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Though modeling and acting are often considered similarly judgmental industries because of their dependence on young hotties, as Sky writes for the New York Times, the big difference between the two professions "is that actors have a union and models do not."


The Problem With Warrior Princesses

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It was inspiring to read about, too. "Gender was not relevant in the Xenaverse," Sky continues. "There, a girl or a boy could be a warlord or a farmer, a bard or a sad sack needing protection." She describes how her character "kicked butt … I hung with a Christ figure called Eli; I had a same-sex lover and a boyfriend of a different race than mine; I threw bombs and walked along high wires."

A pause for you to scan these images into the mental file you keep for pumping yourself up while jogging.

The New York Times

Letter to the Editor: Exploitation of Models

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So long as modeling agencies hide behind the pretext that models are independent contractors rather than employees, models can’t successfully unionize.

Zola Books

Zola asked 11 authors, critics, and bloggers for the one book—new or old—they vow to read in 2013.

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Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm

by Philip Pullman

"Ever since I fell in love with Angela Carter's 'The Snow Child'—her recreation of 'Snow White'—I have been a huge fan of the redux of traditional tales. I have found that with Carter's stories she often pushes the boundaries of the feminist perspective through erotically macabre themes, something I happen to be interested in within my own work. Pullman is also a fan of turning an old, known tale into a new genre-bending retelling. His bestselling series His Dark Materials, a reimagining of Milton's Paradise Lost, was so extraordinary that even though I read it many years ago it continues to be my favorite book series to date. Yet, with his Brothers Grimm, I have heard that Pullman chose to stick very closely to original Grimm tales, just cleaning up the translation here, adding a story element there. Even so, I’m sure his work will be as compelling as ever. The only reason I have not been able to read it yet is because of work at the wonderful new literary magazine One Teen Story along with being in graduate school." —JENNIFER SKY, One Teen Story Contributing Editor

Jennifer, la modella che vive di Obamacare

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Prendiamo la storia di Jennifer Sky, una che senza la riforma sanitaria di Obama a questo punto sarebbe forse morta. Modella, attrice, bella come il sole, laureata all’università, sposata, piena di amici, contatti e dollari. Tutte le porte aperte, socia a pieno titolo del club dell’1%, quello degli americani privilegiati, che ha scatenato le ire di Occupy Wall Street. Eppure anche lei ha rischiato di essere stritolata dagli ingranaggi della sanità americana, se non fosse passata la «Obamacare», e sarebbe stata condannata a morte, se la Corte Suprema avesse abolito la riforma.

Maxim cover girl wants you to support Obamacare today
November 2, 2010

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The actress and model Jennifer Sky had to give up her career several years ago because of a crippling illness, but now she's back on our radar... and we can all thank the President. The former Maxim and Stuff cover girl says she was denied insurance for years due to "pre-existing conditions," but the recent health-insurance bill trumpeted by Barack Obama saved her.